Honey Storage Jar Hexagon Glass Bottle

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  •  Clear Glass Hexagon Shape Jars with Gold Metal Plastisol Lined Lids and Labels for optional use
  • Black metal plastisol lined lid when heated, and solidified, this liner creates an airtight, tamper-evident, hermetic seal
  • Medium 4 oz size jars, ideal for food storage, jams and jellies, home and kitchen organization, and more!
  • Multi purpose, versatile, reusable, and recyclable.
  • Food Grade. Food Safe. Lead Free. Airtight.
  • Have an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside
  • The rust-free aluminum lids and caps are airtight, which keep canned food sealed .
  • Use for baby food, jam or jelly, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles
  • Perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors or other homemade gifts

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This honey jar is very beautiful made with glass the jar is very sturdy with enough weight to it that it will not tip over.

GLASS HONEY JAR stops those messy honey leaks while making your honey immediately available. No waiting and shaking the container to get the honey to start flowing. Simply use the glass honey dipper to garnish your pancakes and morning toasts. FULL GLASS HONEY CONTAINER shaped into a fun, attractive beehive decor design. This material is light yet strong and durable. Fill the honey server with honey or similar liquids. Enclose its contents using the glass lide. Honey will be at your hands in no time. Use the honey dipper to slowly decorate your pancakes, the ultimate way to have honey that is always ready to pour. HONEY JAR KEEPS HONEY FRESH Our honey dispenser comes with its very own glass fitted lid, making your honey server airtight, keeping your honey stored fresh. Use this to put honey in tea, syrup on pancakes, and even honey in coffee, without your honey getting clumpy. INCLUDES: Glass Honey container dispenser and Lid. Also Includes An Elegant Honey Spoon/ Honey Dipper. Do not dish-wash to avoid cracks, simply run under warm water to dissolve and remove honey. Do not heat in microwave.

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