Cactus-shaped Decoration Glass Lights

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Cactus-shaped Decoration Glass Lights has  a  variety of  colors,  you   choose.  you  can  enjoy  DIY.Great for house/wedding/festival decoration.  Place   where  you  want  to  decorate ,  and  it  is  very  safe  for  your  children.  It   match  with   swing ring, cork stopper/ screw cap with string light, optional bracket.  we offer   custom  LOGO  services,Ourpacking  includs  Carton  and  Pallet,About 30 days after sample and order confirmed (not including further processing products or special order). This product  supports  custommade. 

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  • 1.Cactus-shaped Decoration Glass Lights  has   Multi-color or warm light color creates a romantic atmosphere and more fun.
  • 2. Battery powered and easy to use and replace battery.
  • 3. A variety of bottle color, size and LED light quantity for choice, DIY with fun.
  • 4. Great for house/wedding/festival decoration.
  • 5. Place on the table or hang with optional iron bracket as you prefer.
  • 6. Unique cactus shape impresses you a lot and brings fresh feeling if as a gift.
  • 7. Easy to use. If you have small kids and want to decorate your room with light this is what you need. They can place as high as you want, and your children will not be able to drop them. This is not only beautiful it is also safe.


Height (cm)

Width (cm)

Diameter (cm)


Cork-stopper 8 string lights 




Button cell

Screw-cap 10 string lights



24.5 (including swinging ring)

AAA battery

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